Bucket List: Paris

Bucket List: Paris

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Note this webinar was recorded before the horrific fire of Notre Dame

On almost everyone’s bucket list is a trip to Paris, France. We (Lynda & D’Arcy Kavanagh) have been 11 times, exploring all 20 districts of the city. We love Paris, but we know it can be a bit intimidating. We have a solution. You can be an armchair traveller while watching this 60-minute Webinar, but you can also learn what to see and how to get around when Paris comes up on your bucket list.

Over the years, we’ve heard comments from people who’ve visited Paris and returned exhausted and we know why. When people are visiting an unknown community, they don’t know the shortcuts as they do back home. They might rely on a GPS, maps and even a guidebook to establish getting-around strategies, but they’ll be following the “standard way.”  Visitors don’t realize they are just minutes away from another must-see sight and they waste a lot of time going across Paris in an unorganized way. That takes up time, creates frustration and causes exhaustion. We know the shortcuts in Paris so you can maximize your sightseeing with a minimum of getting-around grief. 

For our Paris Webinar, we’ve developed seven-day suggestions by grouping attractions worth seeing within walking distances. And we know the shortcuts that will take you through some very interesting “untouristy” areas that allow you to sit, relax and people-watch with either a meal or a beverage. For example, with one of our daily suggestions, you can visit 13 must-see attractions and the walking time for that day is only six kilometres. That day includes the use of the Metro subway system but don’t worry, we’ll explain how to take the fear out of using the Metro – which is one of the best systems in the world – and we will provide screenshots with the explanations. This Webinar can save you time and money as it’s your own personal tour guide. 

We’ve calculated your days to be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and have ensured you will have plenty of time each day to shop, eat, enjoy a beverage and just relax and people-watch. Paris is all about people-watching. Our suggested days leave you plenty of time to get back to your accommodations, rest for a bit and then head out for a late supper because, in Paris, supper doesn’t happen until at least 8 p.m. You can be assured our day suggestions will not leave you feeling overwhelmed. If you’ve been to Paris, this Webinar will bring back memories and make you want to go again – and we are pretty sure there are some sites you didn’t see the first time. Some topics we will present are:

Highlights of this Webinar are:

  • What to see, what is not worth seeing.
  • Standing in line at exhibits.
  • Do you need to know French?
  • How to feel safe.
  • What and where to eat and how to tip.
  • How to get around the city.
  • Where to shop for bargains and where to window-shop.
  • Customs and courtesies.
  • Information you won’t find in a book.
  • WIFI connectivity.

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