WOW Testimonials

WOW Communications & Training Testimonials

"It's been a great journey with you and I feel much more confident moving forward with marketing and starting on some sales."
- Kerri Jones,, Calgary

"Thank you for all your support and encouragement. Taking this program with you has had a positive impact on how I make decisions as a founder and is a piece of my journey that I will not forget."
- Sumner Dun,, Kelowna

"Lynda helped us diversify our brand and focus on our Marketing. Lately, she is helping our team with sales and relationship building with our stakeholders."

- Jamie Purcher,, Lethbridge

"I have worked collaboratively with Lynda and have seen what she can do for your business first hand. She is extremely knowledgeable about sales, marketing, getting the most from your website, and getting your team excited to sell and promote your brand! Lynda has a huge heart, is hilarious, smart, and very thorough. If you can't get Lynda in person, then I suggest you get one of her books. The information is easy to digest while offering strategies for ensuring you are 'selling' your company effectively. I will continue to recommend Lynda to anyone who needs help finding their brand, defining their sales strategy, or moving their business to the next level."

- Mandy DeCecco-Kolababa, 

"I always appreciate Lynda's thoughts when I have business challenges. She draws from a wealth of experiences that span a number of industries so they are solid recommendations."

- Tracy Hamilton,

"Working with Lynda as our company’s business coach has been invaluable.  Lynda listens carefully and uses her expertise to provide our company with the resources and tools needed to make successful decisions.  I would recommend Lynda’s coaching services to any small business owner because she is grounded and real. “Because we believe in her expertise, we have hired her as a facilitator in our self-employment program.

- Gillian Nish, owner, Lethbridge