Travel Testimonials

"Very valuable information that the guide books don't provide."
-Jacqueline Nelson, Calgary

"We had D’Arcy and Lynda over to our house to get their advice on an upcoming trip we are planning to Ireland. They prepared a suggested itinerary for us based on some interests we had talked about. They were very knowledgeable given their previous trips to Ireland and so were able to offer some exciting first-hand recommendations in terms of areas to visit, accommodations, and must-sees. They were great to visit with and I am sure they can offer a wealth of knowledge for other Europe-bound travellers. Highly recommend!"

Tim and Carolyn Scott, Lethbridge

"It is hard to decide where to go when thinking of vacationing in Europe. These webinars are great as they give me a chance to compare the locations I was thinking of. The bonus was the trip was planned out for 7 days so I don't have to waste time trying to figure out where I should go. Thanks Lynda & D'Arcy."
- Caroline Turner, Fernie, BC

"I am hoping to get to Paris this year. These webinars are like sitting in your kitchen with good friends talking about travel. The visual maps really helped me because I'm one who needs to hear and see things. Good work."
- Rita Peterson., Lethbridge, AB

"As a cyclist everyone has heard about cycling the Danube, but online there are so many tour companies with all different stops. It was overwhelming for us. We talked with Lynda & D'Arcy and the information was invaluable. The tour we originally looked at would not have taken us to some of the places they recommended. The trip was perfect. No frustration or getting lost and we didn't have to pay lots of money for a tour guide, their advice worked better."
Thom and Cathy Simpson., Edmonton

"I have watched the Paris, Provence and Barcelona webinars and enjoy the presentation style and pictures. It is almost as good as being there."
- Karen Thomas, Lethbridge

"I loved this Webinar (Scotland's Whisky and the Western Isles). I am a beginner Scotch Whisky drinker so it was very informative. When I go to Scotland (I hope soon), I will be on the hunt to try the Scotch with the butterscotch taste. (And now I know the proper spelling of Whisky.)"
- Cameron S., Kelowna

"We wanted to go to Ireland for so long and finally we decided to do it this year. We had a two-hour Zoom meeting with D'Arcy and Lynda and after that we felt confident we would have no trouble seeing all the places we wanted to see. Great, great advice."
- The Turners, Vancouver