Tarot Reading

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Lynda Kavanagh and why I read Tarot Cards

All my life I have been spiritual and based life decisions on intuition.

Doris and Goldy Oliver

In 1996, my Mom, Doris Oliver, bought me a deck of Tarot cards. They were called Aquarian. Her horoscope sign was Aquarius so I think that is why she picked that deck. My Mom and Dad have both passed but I know their spirits are with me when I do my Tarot readings. This is a picture of them at their wedding in 1932.

I loved the cards. I "played" with them for years but didn't have time to get serious. In 2019, when the world became unsettled with a weird virus, a selfish politician and people getting depressed and losing hope, I just had a message in my head to pull out those cards. (I am pretty sure it was Mom!)

I wanted to be able to help myself understand what was happening and how best to deal with worldwide shifts, but I also wanted to help my friends, family and even strangers find ways to deal with uncertainty and find the opportunities and optimism that Tarot can help people see.

Since that time, I have read cards, either in person or virtually from all parts of the world except Asia (hey someone from there, get in touch please!!!)

Celtic Cross Reading

Tarot readings are not about predicting the future; we all have independent thought and actions. What the Tarot can do is provide you with an insight of where you have been, what's happening in your present life and how that impacts your future. It can help you see some of the possibilities or challenges if you stay on your current path. If you don't like your current path with those future possibilities or challenges, you can change your path and create a new direction.

Where you are now in your present life is just a chapter in your book of life - you are the author and get to complete your book as you want.  

Tarot is all about exchanging energy but to make it valuable, there must be an exchange of monetary value. I'm not comfortable charging people for readings even though people have told me my readings are bang-on accurate, extremely helpful and are valuable to them. For me, reading Tarot cards is my way of helping people and giving back. Lots of people have helped me in my life, and so it is rewarding to be of service to others. 

That said, if you find a reading I do for you helpful, I encourage you to donate to a homeless shelter, a homeless pet shelter or the charity of your choice. The range of rates for Tarot readings is $40 - $ 250 whatever amount you feel comfortable with would help others less fortunate. 

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Why Lynda for your reading?

I'm from the corporate world. My day job is being an entrepreneur offering Brand Marketing strategy for businesses but I strongly believe that people need outside interests. Tarot, travelling the world and riding a bicycle are also my interests (as well as enjoying a glass of Rosé wine and buying shoes).

My company is called WOW Communications & Training Corp. and people have lots of fun coming up with what WOW stands for. For my tarot reading, I've been dubbed "Woman of Woowoo". #funnybuttrue

I am sincerely looking to help people navigate through life, find possibilities and optimism. I am authentic and will tell you all that the cards say. I won't pick what I think you want to hear. I have completed an intensive course on becoming a certified Tarot Card reader and I am continuing my education and knowledge of the Tarot but really, my readings are come from intuition blended with the traditional meanings of the cards. 

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