Tarot Reading

All my life I have been spiritual and based life decisions on intuition.

In 1996, my Mom Doris Oliver bought me a deck of Tarot Cards. They were called Aquarian (horoscope sign is Aquarius) and I loved them. I "played" with them for years but didn't have time to get serious. In 2020, when the world became unsettled with a weird virus, a selfish politician and people getting depressed and losing hope, I pulled out those cards and got serious. 

I wanted to be able to help myself understand what was happening and how best to deal with worldwide shifts but I also wanted to help my friends, family and even strangers find ways to deal with uncertainty and find the opportunities and optimism that Tarot can help people see.

BTW that core value and belief is from the Four of Swords "helping people find time for themselves to just BREATHE and find their place in the world."

Celtic Cross Reading

Tarot readings are not about predicting the future we all have independent thought. What the Tarot can do is provide you with an insight of where you have been, what's happening in your present life and how that impacts your future. It can help you see that if you stay on your current path what are some of the possibilities or challenges may be. If you don't like your current path with those future possibilities or challenges, you can change your path and create another future.

Where you are now in your present life is just a chapter in your book of life - you are the author to write it as you want. 

I'm not comfortable charging people for readings even though people have told me my readings are bang-on accurate and extremely helpful.

For me, reading Tarot Cards is my way of helping people and giving back. Lots of people have helped me in my life, it is rewarding to be of service to others.  

BTW that core value  and belief is from the Page of Cups - "someone who has a sincere desire to be of service and to listen carefully and offer support and encouragement." - And as a Rotarian, our Rotary mission is to serve others.

That said, if you find a reading I do for you helpful, I encourage you to donate to a homeless shelter, a homeless pet shelter or the charity of your choice. The range of rates for Tarot readings is $20 - $160 so whatever amount you feel comfortable with would help others less fortunate. 

Why Lynda for your reading?

I'm from the corporate world, my day job is all about business, branding, marketing and sales. But I so strongly believe that people need outside interests. Tarot, travelling the world and riding a bicycle are mine (as well and enjoying a glass of Rose' wine and buying shoes.)

I am sincerely looking to help people navigate through life and find possibilities and optimism. I am authentic and will tell you all that the cards say, I won't pick what I think you want to hear. I am currently taking the Master of Tarot reading from BiddyTarot.com working towards my certificate in Tarot Reading. 

So how does an Online Tarot Card reading work?
  • You send me an email indicating you would like a reading.
  • Within 24 hours, if not sooner, I'll reply and we will set a time that is appropriate for both of us. Readings are usually 30 - 45 minutes, but sometimes will go into an hour if you are chatty.
  • Once we have set a time, I will send you a GoToMeeting invite by email. This is the same as Zoom but more secure. All you need is an internet-connected device with a microphone and speakers. If you have a webcam that would be great for us to meet each other but it is not necessary. 
  • When it is time for your reading, you just click on the GoToMeeting email invite and we will be connected. Any problems send us an email
  • While you are waiting for your reading I want you to think of a general theme you would like about the reading. I use a Celtic Cross reading  (see photo) which is 10 cards that give insight into your past, how that has brought you to the present, what you can expect in the immediate future and suggested advice for this reading. This deck is too comprehensive for Yes/No questions. Please think in broader terms. 
  • After our initial introduction, I will focus my webcam on the cards, not on me so you can see each card in your reading.  
  • During the reading, I will ask you questions to help with a deeper dive into the understanding the cards.
  • And if you are wondering.... yes spirits and psychic information can flow through the Internet and I don't use any computer software to pick your cards - you will pick the cards once we have our live meeting.
  • I follow the Tarot Card Reader Code of Ethics.
  • We relinquish all copyright to your reading. This allows you to record the reading for future reference - it's hard to remember all that we talked about.
  • BTW I take my readings seriously, they are not party tricks. I am authentic which means if a card has dark energy, I will tell what the card is indicating but all Tarot Cards have dark, grey and light energy and whenever there is dark energy, there is always the opportunity to turn it to light.  

It's that easy. Send me an email.