Direction & Guidance on business, tarot reading and travel

Sometimes we just need a bit of direction

Through life experience and education, I have honed my skills, education and intuition. My life's purpose is to provide direction and guidance to those seeking help in these areas:

Yes, you read that right. I am just one big, massive, collage of knowledge that I would be honoured to share with you.

Who the heck is Lynda Kavanagh?

What kind of direction do you need?

Books by Lynda Kavanagh

After coaching and training thousands of people on Branding, Marketing and Sales, I felt it was important to put my tried-and-tested information into books so others, outside my immediate service area, could eliminate the frustrations they feel while conducting these activities. these books are easy to read., practical in nature and have tips you can implement immediately.

Give me more details.

Tarot Readings

I have certification from two established Tarot Schools: Hay House (U.S.) and Biddy Tarot (Australia), and have been reading for over 25 years. Tarot is not some scary fortune telling tool, it is a method of seeing if you are on the right path. All of us have free will so if we don't like the path, we can change it - but we need to know what that path is first.

I'm interested. Tell me more.

Virtual Business Training

Learn anywhere with these highly informative sessions. People learn differently so I have provided you with video, audio and webinar-style delivery models. The topics for these sessions are Branding, Marketing or Sales and are not dry boring online courses - you'll enjoy this learning. Try a free course on Defining your Target Audience.

Giddy up. Let the learning begin.

Bucket List Travel Videos

All work and no play makes people grumpy. Everyone has a Bucket List of places they want to travel to. These virtual slideshows are packed full of photos and travel tips so when you are ready to travel, you will have narrowed down your choices because of solid, reliable and practical information. My husband and I are the presenters and we have been to the slideshow locations multiple times (Paris 9 times, Barcelona 5 times, Provence 7 times....) you won't find this information in a book.

Start planning your trip now.

Give the gift of direction and guidance

Hey... that's a great idea.

Virtual Coaching:

Thanks you so much for all you guidance and support through this process. It is helpful beyond measure to have a solid direction to navigate our marketing and future advertising. 

Zep Molnar, Marda Loop Code Ninjas, Calgary

Be THE Unicorn Branding Book:

OMG. For all these years of running a business I now know why I struggled with my marketing. Once I started reading the Unicorn book I had to laugh at all the mistakes I had made, but then I smiled in knowing I now will get my Brand right so that my Sales and Marketing will be more effective. Thanks Lynda. 

Sandra, Sandra's Little Shop of Goodies, Calgary

Tarot Card Reading:

Lynda did a reading with me and it has been wonderful reviewing the cards and their meanings. The Celtic spread was awesome and the insight and food for thought has been very interesting considering what is occurring in my life right now. Thank you Lynda. Working with you was amazing and Iook forward to being in touch in a few months.- Karen K, Canada

Lesley Colburn-Swartz

Sales suck... NOW WHAT? Book:

It is truly an excellent read! As a new business owner, I have used the many useful tips and methods outlined in this book and so far, I have been exceeding my own personal goals for the business! Selling is made easy as long as you follow the different types and suggestions in the book. I want the next book as soon as it comes out!

Martin Cole, Bookwise Bookkeeping, Lethbridge

Virtual Business Training:

I would highly recommend Lynda's online courses. They are excellent! Our first course was Social Media 101 and it was well presented, easy to understand without jargon or technical terms and lingo.

Don O'Brien, Lethbridge

Be THE Unicorn Branding Book:

I currently have a day job but my dream is to start my own business. I heard about Lynda's Unicorn book and ordered it. OMG thank gosh I read this book before I started the business. I can't begin to thank her for all the help in enabling me to build my brand!

Samantha Bringham, Calgary

Virtual Training:

I am new to Canada and English is my second language so it is hard for me to go to workshops. I found the Audio and Video courses to be perfect for me because I can listen to them over and over again. Thank you.

Christina Mendez, Kelowna