About Lynda Kavanagh - at work and play

Lynda at work and play

This store is about products I have created that can help your business grow and eliminate some of the frustrations you may feel about Branding, Marketing and Sales.  For more details on WOW Communications & Training Inc., head on over to wowcommunications.ca, or to my husband (D'Arcy) and my travel consulting business at wowtours.com. 

Bringing in my spiritual side, this site also offers Tarot Card readings of which I have Tarot Card reading certification. 

But before you consider buying one of these products or considering a Tarot Reading, I thought you may want to know a bit about me. Here is my down-and-dirty resume. 

  • 1st job: 1971 - 1973, receptionist & sales at a cow rendering plant / junk yard / steel sales.
    • Had twins 
  • 2nd job: 1976 - 1986, sales then Sales manager Steel Service Centre.
  • Pivot…. new career.
  • Lethbridge College: 1986 - 1988, Communications & Media Studies Program (Ad/PR).
  • 3rd job: 1988 - 1990, sales representative at 1090 CHEC Radio.
    • Took Dale Carnegie (6-month weekly meetings).
    • This is where I learned how to drink wine.
  • 4th job: 1991 - 1994, University of Lethbridge Development & Public Relations – 4 years
    • Graduated with a Distance Diploma Grant MacEwan – Organizational Fundraising.
    • Graduated with a Distance Diploma H & R Block – Tax & Estate planning.
  • 5th job: 1994, six-month contract as general manager at Lethbridge Magazine.
    • Started in 1994 - current,  WOW Communications & Training
      • 1994 - 2001, Part-time Adjunct instructor Lethbridge College in media and communications. Also, part-time instructor in Sales plus I wrote a Sales course manual. 
      • 1994 - 2001, Part-time instructor Multi-Media Marketing at Lethbridge College. Wrote a Marketing and P/R teaching manual for this course.
      • 1994 - present, began reading Tarot Cards
      • 1994 - 2001, Part-time instructor Organizational Management at Lethbridge College. Wrote a teaching manual for this course 
      • 1999 - current, network consultant at BDC.
      • 2000, opened a Calgary office
      • 2005 - current, became a member of Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.
      • 2020, became a Certified Virtual trainer.
      • 2020, became a Certified Tarot Card reader
    • 1998 - current, Tarot Reader
      • 2020 became a Certified Tarot Card reader (Hay House certification and Biddy Tarot Certification)
      • Offering Tarot Readings. I do not take a fee I just request you donate to your favourite non profit. 

    I told you it was down and dirty. If you want more information, go to wowcommunications.ca