About Lynda Kavanagh - at work and play

Lynda at work and play

This store is about products I have created that can help your business grow and eliminate some of the frustrations you may feel about Branding, Marketing and Sales.  For more details on WOW Communications & Training Inc., head on over to wowcommunications.ca, or to my husband (D'Arcy) and my travel consulting business at wowtours.com. 

But before you consider buying one of these products, I thought you may want to know a bit about me. Here is my down-and-dirty resume. 

  • 1st job: 1971 - 1973, receptionist & sales at a cow rendering plant / junk yard / steel sales.
    • Had twins 
  • 2nd job: 1976 - 1986, sales then Sales manager Steel Service Centre.
  • Pivot…. new career.
  • Lethbridge College: 1986 - 1988, Communications & Media Studies Program (Ad/PR).
  • 3rd job: 1988 - 1990, sales representative at 1090 CHEC Radio.
    • Took Dale Carnegie (6-month weekly meetings).
    • This is where I learned how to drink wine.
  • 4th job: 1991 - 1994, University of Lethbridge Development & Public Relations – 4 years
    • Graduated with a Distance Diploma Grant MacEwan – Organizational Fundraising.
    • Graduated with a Distance Diploma H & R Block – Tax & Estate planning.
  • 5th job: 1994, six-month contract as general manager at Lethbridge Magazine.
    • Started in 1994 - current,  WOW Communications & Training
      • 1994 - 2001, Part-time Adjunct instructor Lethbridge College in media and communications. Also, part-time instructor in Sales plus I wrote a Sales course manual. 
      • 1994 - 2001, Part-time instructor Multi-Media Marketing at Lethbridge College. Wrote a Marketing and P/R teaching manual for this course.
      • 1994 - 2001, Part-time instructor Organizational Management at Lethbridge College. Wrote a teaching manual for this course 
      • 1999 - current, network consultant at BDC.
      • 2000, opened a Calgary office
      • 2005 - current, became a member of Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.
      • 2020, became a Certified Virtual trainer 2020.
    • Started in 2000 - current,  WOW Tours International.
      • Began offering Bucket List Travel Webinars and travel consultation.

    I told you it was down and dirty. If you want more information, go to wowcommunications.ca