Tarot Reviews

My first introduction to Lynda and Tarot was a live presentation. She was so informative and interesting that I booked myself a session. It was rewarded with insight and clarity into current and ongoing events in my life. I highly recommend Lynda from WOW Communications for your first or next Tarot Card Reading
Adele Anderson, Canada


"My reading with Lynda was the first tarot reading I had ever had, so I went into it not knowing what to expect. Lynda explained that the tarot deck is not meant to predict, but to give insight. 

With a nurturing kind and playful spirit Lynda gave me a potent intuitive tarot reading. She allowed me to accepted the reading through of full self-awareness. She does the ready really well, after the reading I found comfort and direction with it.

Lynda uses the Aquarian Tarot deck by the illustrator David Palladini, a beautiful representation of art nouveau and art deco in illustration styles.

I highly recommend Lynda for tarot reading.”

Angélique de Pennart, Calgary


"Thank you for your Tarot Reading over Instagram. It was really very very accurate and in depth. It resonated well and dug into the situation. I am feeling very much relaxed and very much calmer now. Thumbs up!"
- Heenalovora, South America

"I was a bit afraid to know my future but when I talked with Lynda she explained that is not what Tarot does. She said it can offer a glimpse of where I have been in my life, where I am now and what might be ahead of me but the future is not written in stone. So, I gave it a try. I was so impressed with how she presented the reading to me, explaining as we went along what the cards meant. The reading gave me a good feeling about the direction my life is taking me. Thanks."
- Samantha, Ottawa, Ontario

"I've had my cards read before so I knew what to expect but I liked Lynda's delivery. She didn't rush the reading, clarified any questions I had and I was happy with the information I got from the reading. Thank you."
- Alison G, Calgary, Alberta

"Thank you so much. I truly appreciate you taking the time to do this."

- Raji, India

"Thank you so much, Lynda, for my recent tarot card reading. I found your approach very insightful and warm-hearted. You made me feel comfortable and welcoming of the information you provided me with. I liked how you reminded me that you are reading the cards and I need to look for the meaning to my life. I found your kindness enriched the experience for me and helped me understand and contextualize what you saw in the cards. I know you have a career you are passionate about, but I think tarot reading might be a calling for you. I look forward to our continued complicity."
- LH, Canada

"I got peace from the reading. The cards showed me I was on the right path and I had been worried if I was. Thanks, Lynda.
- Dennis, Edmonton, Alberta

"I went into the reading not knowing what to expect and thought it would just be a bit of fun. I was surprised at how accurate the tarot cards were in relationship to my questions. It was a bit spooky to know those cards can be that accurate. But it was fun and I will take some of the information to heart and really think about the meanings."
- CH, Lethbridge

"Thank you so much for reading my cards. It was bang on. The past and current. Let's see how the future pans out.   I loved being able to do it over video and understand that it is energy that is in us and between us; which is why medical intuitives and healings can be done the same way. Lots of documentation on it. Several huge university hospitals have been contracted to help over the past 40 years! Lynda you really have a great way of using questions to pull out the thoughts and really make one see things in a different light. Thank you."
- Lesley Colburn-Swartz  

"Thank you so much for the reading. It was most helpful."

-Mrinalini, India