Bucket List: Rome & Venice

Bucket List: Rome & Venice

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60-minute Video:

Marvelous Italy! When people think of Italy, they usually think of Rome and Venice so we have combined these two cities into what we would recommend as a potential 7-day trip. Rome is majestic with ancient wonders around every corner. Go to the Colosseum and be stunned at how easily you can imagine the gladiators in all their glory. Even if you are not religious you will find the Vatican, its own city, very peaceful. Of course, there is the wine and the food that will stretch your waistline!

And then, Venice is…. well, it is Venice. There is no other city in the world like Venice. The winding streets, the bus boats and gondolas make this unique city a definite Bucket List trip. But there is more to Rome and Venice than the normal tourist sites, and we will recommend areas that are hidden gems and tell you about how to get the most out of your trip. D’Arcy might even tell you about his favourite dish in Venice – black squid pasta

Highlights of this Webinar are:

  • What to see, what’s not worth seeing.
  • Standing in line at exhibits.
  • How to feel safe.
  • Do you need to know the language?
  • What communities to use as home bases.
  • What cities are worth a visit.
  • How to get around with minimum grief.
  • What, where and when to eat, and how to tip.
  • Information you won’t find in a book.
  • Customs and courtesies.
  • WIFI Connectivity
  • This Webinar is full of photos of the areas we discuss.

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