Be THE Unicorn Reviews by Lynda D. Kavanagh

I have both Lynda's books. She knows what she's talking about, gives you the hard truth, great advice and she has a heart of gold.

- Mandy DeCecco Kolebaba, Collaborative Strategies, Lethbridge.

I'm just a little, little business working out of my basement but a friend told me her company had worked with Lynda and that she had a book out. I purchased the Unicorn book. I love the connection between businesses and Unicorns! I found it actually fun to read - not a stuffy book written for entrepreneurs with lots of money. It has helped me understand the confusing world of branding, sales and marketing. I've purchased her other book and waiting for it to come in the post.

- Natalie Mack, Edmonton

I have both of Lynda's books and I learn something everytime I read them.

- Loralee Burton, Insight LLP Chartered Accountants, Lethbridge

I took several workshops from Lynda and then purchased her book. What a great resource. It was easy to follow the exercises to build my Brand. PS. Thanks for the local delivery too. 

- Heather, Bold Change Coaching, Lethbridge

I had a friend tell me about Lynda and so as someone who wants to eventually start my own business, I found her Unicorn book to be so helpful. I was surprised to find that there are so many other things to a brand than the name and logo. This book helped me realize that the name I had selected would be a disaster for my business. I now have a name that I am happy with and excited to start my business in a year or so.

- Nathan S., Taber

When Covid hit I knew our messaging wouldn't work for the "new now". I was surfing around looking for help on re-branding our business and came across Lynda's book. I am so glad I found it. Through the exercises, my team and I were able to create a new brand that will be so much more relevant to our customers. Thanks Lynda. 

- Carolyn Hammerstein, Kelowna

Learn something new? Listen to someone that has succeeded?
Grab these two books. Lynda has some amazing insights. Support local people!!
- Chad Shaw, Platinum Garages & Lighting, Lethbridge (from a Facebook Post on my books being in the #yql Chapters.

My wife took a virtual, full-day workshop from Lynda and I had a chance to listen to some of the discussion over the computer. Some of what Lynda was saying to the people in the workshop made sense to me and how I could relate it to my business. I Google Lynda and found her website. I bought both her Unicorn book and the Sales suck book and have found both of them beneficial to my 15 year old business. 

- Jarid, Calgary