My Tarot Process

I like to tell you this process before our reading so you have time to prepare and also know what the reading will be like.
Most readings take about an hour and you are welcome to record the reading with a recording app on your phone or take notes. Not all the areas we discuss will happen immediately so it is good to have a reference. Some people find it useful to have a second reading in a month to see if they are on the right path. 
I use the Celtic Cross Spread. It is about your life story in what brought you to the present and what your future may look like if you stick on the path you currently are on.  I like this reading because it sometimes helps people see where they are heading but since the Tarot does not predict the future, it only indicates what opportunities or challenges you may confront if staying on that path. People then have free will to either make changes or stay the course.
With the Celtic Cross spread, it doesn't work well with Yes/No questions. It offers a broader, overall reading. You need to think of one question you would like addressed in the read. Sometimes the cards take us in another direction but it is good to start with a question you would like direction on. Questions that work well are:
- What do I need to know ... today/next week/ this month/ etc
- What do I need to know about .... job/life/family / etc. (Note the Tarot can not answer questions about someone else, only about you and how you relate to that person) 
- How can I  improve my .... life/relationship/job/career options
- What do I need to do to help my friend/ family with their....
Questions that don't work well are Will I/ Should I type questions. Or, you can just request an overview question on where your life path is heading. You will have to share that question with me at the start of the reading. Be assured my conversation with you is confidential. 
Since these readings are virtual, I use Zoom. Energy can transfer through air and online but it is nice if you can find a space where you won't be interrupted or distracted. You will require an Internet-connected device, with a microphone and speakers, desktop, laptop or a large tablet. Smartphones don't work well as the screen is too small to enable you to see all the cards. I also hope you have a webcam as that allows us to chat and meet each other before we start the read but that is not essential.
Here is the link, all you do is click on it, click on the window that asks you to download the opener, and then turn on your mic and webcam. Here is the link for our reading:

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