Sales Suck... NOW WHAT? Lynda D. Kavanagh Reader Reviews

“It is truly an excellent read! As a new business owner, I have used the many useful tips and methods outlined in this book and so far, I have been exceeding my own personal goals for the business! Selling is made easy as long as you follow the different types and suggestions in the book. I want the next book as soon as it comes out!”
- Martin Cole, Bookwise Bookkeeping, Lethbridge, AB. 

“What a gem! ‘Sales suck’... is a fantastic primer for the micro-to-small business person who needs to understand the basics of sales and marketing. The book is easy to read and jargon-free. It offers an invaluable summary of the differences between sales and marketing, the importance of each with practical strategies for sales and marketing tactics that really work. It’s a quick read that delivers the critical elements of small businesses sales/marketing for time-crunched entrepreneurs. If you only have time for one book, buy this one.”
- Diane Henders, business person and author of “The NEVER SAY SPY Aydan Kelly series”, British Columbia. 

“I got the book at 5 p.m. and started reading it immediately. I didn’t get it all finished that night so I got up at 4:30 a.m. to finish it. It is easy to read and provides even easier actionable steps that have got my 25+ year business kickstarted again. This is a great book. I’m so glad I bought it.”
- Lesley Colburn- Swartz, Pro Plant Care, Lethbridge, AB. 

“I really appreciate the insightful sales and marketing tips, consumer marketing and information you provide in your Sales suck…NOW WHAT? book and the related audio books.”
- Keri Vandeongen, Calgary, AB. 

“Thanks for this book. I have always struggled with sales and marketing and this book helped me understand the difference so I could set a plan to reach my target customers.”
- Thomas S, eBook reader. 

"Thanks for your book. I am using parts of it for my online students and you are top of my list when I start my 'Webinar Divas' series."
- Mary Thompson, university professor and online educator, Lethbridge, AB. 

"I really enjoyed your book and regularly refer to it during marketing discussions. I also suggest "Sales suck...." as recommended reading for budding entrepreneurs and marketing students. It is a great read for many types of small businesses."
- Vicki Hegedus, consultant, MA Leadership, Lethbridge, AB. 

"By the way - I loved your book! It gave me some good information and insight for what I need to be doing. As I was reading it, it was like you were sitting across from me talking directly to me. You made such good points through common sense. Congratulations on your publication ‒ I really love this book!"
- Freddi Dogterom, Freddi Speaks!, Lethbridge, AB. 

Lynda's Sales suck... Now what? book is an excellent and practical resource for start-up entrepreneurs and established businesses. As a facilitator for over 20 years in our self-employment program, Lynda uses her book as a basis in teaching our students marketing and sales as well as how to name and brand their companies. The students appreciate the knowledge Lynda shares with them.”
- Gillian Nish, president, execuserv plus inc., Lethbridge, AB  

I am a senior, professional sales person with over 30 years in the industry (mostly working for large manufacturing corporations).  I like to keep an open mind and navigate through various sales books and seminars to try to stay on top of being the best in my industry.  "Sales suck...Now What?" is a great, quick read and reminder how to find your target customer.   Although the book is targeted towards small business, you will get value out of reading this book regardless the size of your business. I highly recommend anyone in sales and marketing to pick up a copy. You won't regret it!
- Sandie Zobell, Calgary, AB.