Help with your Travelling needs

Some day is not a day of the week, so quite wishing and start travelling

Because of my and my husband's (D'Arcy Kavanagh) knowledge of European travel (combined more than 70 years) and our history of helping others plan stress-free vacations, we can save people time, money, anxiety and frustration. If you’re thinking about heading to Europe, take a look at the list of where we have travelled – D’Arcy Lynda – and then contact us for help.   Depending on where you live, we can provide travel consulting either face-to-face, to a group, or through a Zoom meeting.  

Depending on your budget, and the location you want to travel to, we can offer you ideas and suggestions or do full-service for you and develop a day-to-day itinerary, with recommended transportation and accommodations. Or for the do-it-yourselfers, check out our recorded Webinars. You will get super information for $24.95. Check out our free recorded Webinar about travelling in Provence, France. 

Our Travel Consulting fees are $200 per hour plus travel (if applicable). Our strength is that we don’t consult on any areas that we haven’t been to multiple times. We aren’t travel agents, we are specialists in giving you “boots on the ground” advice and tips. We feel you can book airfare and accommodations without us but we will tell you the best types of accommodations to fit your needs. We will also explain what to be alert to when booking air transportation... like how many hours do you need for a stop-over in Paris, Frankfurt, Fiumicino (Rome) and how do you eat pizza in Venice?

We only consult on areas that we have travelled to multiple times. For other areas, or booking flights, accommodations and such, we recommend talking to Tracy Hamilton at Inspired Vacations. She will set you up for the completion of your trip.

Send us an email to discuss your Bucket List trip and receive a price quote. We specialize in cycle touring but most of our locations can be a combination of bikes, cars and trains. Below are the trips we would be happy to help you with. Please note some of them have a recorded webinar:

  • Cycling the Danube (Passau to Vienna)
  • Cycling the Loire Valley
  • Cycling, driving & Golfing in Scotland and Ireland 
  • Cycling and walking in and around Barcelona, Paris, Boudreaux, Nice, Monaco, St. Raphael
  • Visiting Venice
  • Cycling & driving Sardinia
  • Cycling & driving in Guadeloupe, Caribbean
  • Cycling & driving in Corsica
  • Cycling in Netherlands
  • Cycling and visiting Spain (northeaster, central and southern)
  • Cycling & walking in and around Salzburg