WEBINAR: Does NO mean NO in Sales?

WEBINAR: Does NO mean NO in Sales?

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60-minutes Video:

In sales, anything but a “YES” is an objection – So, “NO” does not necessarily mean “NO”. This recorded Webinar is not intended to turn you into an ugly, pushy or aggressive salesperson. The purpose is to help you understand and respond differently that when someone says “NO” it may not really mean “NO”. They could actually be saying that they aren’t sure, that they need more information, that they just don’t want something right now…. there are many reasons why people say “NO” when they don’t really mean it. People are conditioned to say “NO “ when first asked to buy something, it is just a habit. Think about the last time you talked with a salesperson, you may have automatically said “NO” even though you had more questions. People are afraid of all salespeople because they have been treated aggressively or made to feel uncomfortable by those who call themselves salespeople. They aren’t salespeople, they are jerks.

You don’t want to be an ugly, pushy or aggressive jerk but you may want to start getting more “YES” replies than “NO replies. This recording will help you decide if a “NO” really means “NO “and if it doesn’t then we will show you ways to change that “NO” to a “YES”.

Sales training would be very easy if all of us were identical. But we aren’t. We each have different personalities and that means that everyone will have different ways of answering when someone objects. That said, we will discuss the four primary objections you will always hear and then we will actually give you a variety of ways to reply. So, if you are an outgoing person, you would respond differently than someone who is a bit shy. Or if you have been selling your product or service for a while, you will respond differently than someone who is just starting out. We will show you how to bring your personality into your sales approaches.

This recording can help increase revenue for seasoned salespeople, entrepreneurs or people who have been asked to add sales to their job description but are not sure how to start. How do you know if this recording will help you? If you answer yes to more than one of these statements, then it is time to spend money to make money. This recording is priced under 30 bucks – how many increased sales do you need to make that investment back? You need to take this recording …


  • Is your revenue less than you want or anticipated it would be?
  • Do you find you get more “NO replies than “YES” replies?
  • You aren’t sure you are talking to the right people when asking for a sale?
  • Many of your prospects are uncertain about buying from you.
  • You aren’t sure when the prospect is ready to say “YES”.
  • You don’t want to be an ugly, push, or aggressive jerk but you need to increase your sales rates.

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