Tarot Card Reading - FAQ

The concept of Tarot Card readings can be a bit nervous for some people because they have the misconception that it is all about fortune telling. "I'm not sure I want to know my future." That's something I hear a lot. I hope this FAQ page helps you understand that Tarot is all about helping you find your path. If you have a question and don't find the answer here, email me. 

Q. Is it fortune telling?

A. Tarot cards have specific meanings. When placed in a Celtic Cross spread like I use, it tells a story about your life. The cards explore your past and how that has made you the person you are today. Then the cards explain, if you continue on the path you are on, here are the opportunities or challenges you may confront. That is not fortune telling because we all have free will. If you don't like the path you are on, you are the author of your own book. You can change your path any time you like. Or, if you do like the path you are on, a Tarot Card reading can provide a feeling of comfort to know you are going in the right direction. 

Q. When were Tarot cards created?

A. Tarot Cards started out as playing cards but in the 1400s the began being used for inspiration and direction.

Q. Are Tarot Cards the same as regular cards?

A. There are 78 cards. The Major Arcana cards are cards that tell your story in life moments. Minor Arcana cards tell the story about situations that you may or will experience, and Court cards speak to your personality. 

Q. I have a specific problem, with a reading give me the answer?

Some Tarot card readers will do a Yes / No type of reading. I use the Celtic Cross which is more an overview. What the reading does help you with is show you the potential options of a Yes or No answer.

Q. Is the Tarot anti religion?

In the 1600s, Tarot was used for the occult and some people still use it, but to me the Tarot can provide a very spiritual experience, just as a religious service can do. Tarot is about finding your balance and being true to yourself. Some Tarot cards, like the Rider Waite deck have many of images that are based on Christianity. 

Q. I'm looking for psychological help, can Tarot help with this?

Tarot is all about helping you look within yourself for answers. Some cards may indicate emotional turbulence or mental stress where it is best to talk with trained professionals. Any ethical Tarot Card reader will not delve into psychology and if they see that support is needed will advise you to see that type of help. It's the same also with health questions, this is not what the Tarot is for and any health questions should be directed at a professional doctor. 




* There are many different types of Tarot Cards and people who read them. The answers to these questions are my interpretation of the Tarot.