Tarot Card of the Week

Each week I pull Tarot Card for my social media followers to help them with their week ahead.

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For the week of June 26 - July 2


Judgment, Reversed


Interesting. I drew this card on Friday for my card of the day @Tarot.Lynda. So clearly someone is needing a whack on the side of the head to pay attention.

What are you limiting yourself from doing? Because that really is Judgment reversed. You have been living your life a certain way but won’t be able to move forward until you release your limitations.

 Is it making amends for wrongdoings? Is it putting off a life-changing decision? Whatever it is, it is time to change from a personal point of view to what your role is in the scheme of things. Heavy stuff but… this will make way for a dynamic new beginning. Go for it! Be brave, it will be worth it.



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