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Each week, I pull Tarot Card for my social media followers to help them with their week ahead. Pop me an email at tarot@LyndaKavanagh.com or comment on IG and FB as @Tarot.Lynda on how your week turned out.  

For the week of April 28:

Lynda’s Tarot Card, for my followers’ weekly life, is the Hanged Man. If you want a daily card, go to @Tarot.Lynda on FB and IG.

Last week’s card was the Ace of Swords indicating you had a new beginning of strength, autonomy and independence. And that you started to see the world from a new point of view. Today’s card follows nicely with that concept of looking at life differently.

In this image, a man is dressed like a bat (I know it's weird but that is why I love this Curious Creatures deck). Bats hang upside down because their wings are so fragile that taking off is easier if they are upside down. Smart.

Looking at life from a different perspective is important to help you realize that you can not control everything. Sometimes we need to see a different perspective to grow. You can see, there is no struggle in this card, he actually looks quite at peace. Today would be a good day to pause and step back. Look at a situation or an overview of life from a different angle. It will be a turning point when you see things differently, relinquish control and find ways to make “taking off” easier.


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The deck I am currently using are the CuriousCreatures by ChrisAnne