Direction & Guidance on business, tarot reading and travel

Sometimes we all need a bit of direction...

I've been around! For over 30 years I have successfully run my own Brand Marketing Strategy business. Through coaching and training I have provided direction to 1000s of owners and entrepreneurs in defining their Brands and developing effective Sales and Marketing techniques. I am also the author of two business books; one on Branding and the other on Sales.

Over the years, I have also developed other skills. I have travelled to Europe 33 times (at least once a year, sometimes twice) and during that time I have clocked more than 100,000 km riding a bicycle and a mess more kilometers with planes, trains and automobiles. These skills have enabled me to provide direction to people who want to work on their Bucket List for travel, but don't know where to go or how to start. My husband and I have provided "boots on the ground" practical travel advice to more than 250 people.

I've also honed my Tarot Card Reading skills by acquiring certification from two different schools. To date, I have read Tarot Cards for more than 400 people.

So... I've been around. I have a breadth of knowledge to share with people. If you need direction in any of the areas below, give me a call or email. Let's chat.

FYI: this photo is off the coast of Oban, Scotland. We were on the ferry to cycle the Hebrides.

What kind of direction do you need?

WOW Communications & Training

Branding, marketing and sales are three interconnected business activities that are crucial to business success. Branding is creating a distinctive identity, personality and values for a business. Marketing is the process of developing your business' goals for what message you want to project to potential customers. Sales is the actual implementation of your marketing goals by using a variety of techniques.

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Tarot Readings

There is so much confusion about Tarot Cards. They don't predict the future. They are not part of the occult, and the Death Card rarely means death. The best use of Tarot Cards is to give you a sense of what you can expect as you journey along your path. If you don't like what the cards indicate, then you have free will to change the direction of your path. Tarot has really come into mainstream society. Recently the Globe and Mail newspaper ran a full two-page story about how many people rely on Tarot. Tarot is nothing to be afraid of. Read more about my process.

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Travel Consulting

All work and no play makes people grumpy. Everyone has a Bucket List of places they want to travel to. When it comes to travelling to Europe, that's a bit out of people's comfort zones; the language, different cultures and strange food, etc. For people who want to travel to Europe, D'Arcy and I can help them with ideas of what to do and where to go once they land in Europe. That could be by using connecting airplanes, renting cars or using trains and busses. What we excel at is helping people travel around Europe on a Bike. Depending on your time, how much do-it-yourself you are interested in doing and your budget, we offer a variety of services; recorded webinars, face-to-face meetings or over Zoom. Check out this free recorded webinar on Provence, France to show you the details we offer. The photo here is of D'Arcy and I in L'Escala, Spain... Sangria anyone?

Let's take out the stress of travel

Did you know that 60% of Canadians are dreaming of becoming an Entrepreneur? And why not? Society learned from the Pandemic that people want to be able to work out of their homes. With technology and the variety of businesses that can be managed from a home base, Entrepreneurship is thriving. BUT... another statistic... only 1 in 5 start-up businesses succeed. Why? The studies indicate the top two reasons are: lack of money and poor marketing. I may not be able to help you with the money issue... actually, yes I can. After working with 1000s of start-ups and hearing the stories of where they wasted their money before they met us, we can flag those mistakes before you make them. And of course, with our 30 years of Branding, Marketing and Sales coaching experience and being an Entrepreneur, I can set you in the right direction to succeed - right from the start!

Start your Entrepreneurship journey

Virtual Coaching:

Thanks you so much for all you guidance and support through this process. It is helpful beyond measure to have a solid direction to navigate our marketing and future advertising. 

Zep Molnar, Marda Loop Code Ninjas, Calgary

Be THE Unicorn Branding Book:

OMG. For all these years of running a business I now know why I struggled with my marketing. Once I started reading the Unicorn book I had to laugh at all the mistakes I had made, but then I smiled in knowing I now will get my Brand right so that my Sales and Marketing will be more effective. Thanks Lynda. 

Sandra, Sandra's Little Shop of Goodies, Calgary

Tarot Reading

Thank you so much for reading my cards. It was bang on. The past and current. Let's see how the future pans out.   I loved being able to do it over video and understand that it is energy that is between us.  Lynda, you really have a great way of using questions to pull out the thoughts and really make one see things in a different light. Thank you.

Lesley Colburn-Swartz

Sales suck... NOW WHAT? Book:

It is truly an excellent read! As a new business owner, I have used the many useful tips and methods outlined in this book and so far, I have been exceeding my own personal goals for the business! Selling is made easy as long as you follow the different types and suggestions in the book. I want the next book as soon as it comes out!

Martin Cole, Bookwise Bookkeeping, Lethbridge

Virtual Business Training:

I would highly recommend Lynda's online courses. They are excellent! Our first course was Social Media 101 and it was well presented, easy to understand without jargon or technical terms and lingo.

Don O'Brien, Lethbridge

Be THE Unicorn Branding Book:

I currently have a day job but my dream is to start my own business. I heard about Lynda's Unicorn book and ordered it. OMG thank gosh I read this book before I started the business. I can't begin to thank her for all the help in enabling me to build my brand!

Samantha Bringham, Calgary

Virtual Training:

I am new to Canada and English is my second language so it is hard for me to go to workshops. I found the Audio and Video courses to be perfect for me because I can listen to them over and over again. Thank you.

Christina Mendez, Kelowna