Books by Lynda D. Kavanagh


For the past 28 years, my coaching and training programs have helped businesses, entrepreneurs, government and organizations develop their Brands so their Marketing and Sales efforts are less frustrating and more effective. 

After a crazy number of requests from my clients, I sat down to take my tried-and-tested training and coaching information and put it into a book. Well, it turned out it was best provided in two books.  

Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur or a business that has been operating for years, my business books will provide you with practical, low-cost and easy-to-implement directions for your Branding, Marking and Sales. 

Be The Unicorn Book

The first book to read is "Be THE Unicorn, it starts with your Brand." This is a must read for startups in getting your Brand right the first time, but it is also essential for established businesses. A Brand is so much more than just your name and logo; it is all about perception, reality, messaging and is the foundation for effective Sales and Marketing. If you are an established business, whatever Brand you had before Covid-19, you need to refocus it to address the new consumer behaviours that resulted from the pandemic. This book is a workbook. It is not the type of book to relax in front of a fire to read. Do the work and benefit from the result. Tell me more.

Sales suck... NOW WHAT?

The second book to read is "Sales suck... NOW WHAT?". This is a down-and-dirty practical guide on how to implement your Brand through Marketing Strategy and Sales techniques. The book works on the assumption that you don't have a $1-million budget. It's an easy read but packed full of common sense information. Tell me more.


My humourous (Yup, I'm Canadian so we have funny spelled words with "u" in them) travel book is called "ABroad Escapes." My husband and I have been travelling to Europe annually for more than 30 years - and sometimes twice a year. In our travels we have witnessed many interesting things that people do. The book is made up of short, travel-misadventure stories with tips on how to avoid awkward situations. The stories are humorous, with some travel details of the location where the misadventure occurred. It is my hope to give you a couple of laughs in your busy life. I expect it will be out in 2022.