WEBINAR: Entrepreneurship. 11 things to do before you quit your job

WEBINAR: Entrepreneurship. 11 things to do before you quit your job

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45-minute Video:

Did you know that more than 65% of employed Canadians would like to start their own business? (StatsCanada 2019) But, only 1 in 5 succeed. Why? Start-ups that struggle have already spend their saved money in setting up the business and don’t have any left to tell customers they are open.

This Webinar will congratulate you on thinking of becoming an Entrepreneur, and it will set out 11 things that you can and should do before you quit that job – with that paycheck. We’ve had people tell us these 11 things have saved them hours of frustration and lots and lots of money. The statistics of start-up success drastically improves when Entrepreneurs reach out and get help so hit the ground running with this Webinar that is priced low enough for anyone considering starting a business. Some areas discussed are:

  • Do you have the right stuff to be an Entrepreneur?
  • Start-up Branding.
  • Picking the right name.
  • Do you need a bookkeeper or an accountant?
  • Will you be a solo, partner, corporation?
  • Financing opportunities.
  • And a lot more…that will save you money before you even start your business.

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