Virtual Tarot Card Readings

So how does an Virtual Tarot Card reading work?

There are multiple ways to do this. I prefer using software like Zoom so at the start we can see each other and connect visually. Once we start, I will adjust the monitor so you can see the cards. Other options are by email or telephone, but with using software there is no cost for telephone charges. Here is how the process works:
  • The first step is you send me an email indicating you would like a reading or reach out through Instagram @Tarot.Lynda for a one question chat reading. 

  • Within 24 hours, if not sooner, I'll reply and we will set a time that is appropriate for both of us. Readings are usually 45 - 60 minutes.

  • I will ask you to provide me with

    • Your Date of birth before the reading - Month, Day, Year. That will allow me to share with you what your Personality and Soul cards are - it's a bit of an interesting bonus I offer.
    • The time zone you live in. This is helpful in coordinating the time for the Tarot Reading. I am in the MST Zone (Alberta, Canada)
  • Once we establish a time, I will send you a Zoom invitation by email.
    • You will require an internet connected device, a webcam, a microphone and speakers. If you are using a tablet or phone, make sure you have the Zoom app loaded. (A desk top is better to help you see the cards better.)
  • When it is time for your reading, you just click on the Zoom link/invitation and we will be connected. If there are any problems, you can send me an email

  • Depending on the Tarot Spread you are looking for, read the information before our reading as there is some preparation needed on your part:

    • Celtic Cross Spread
    • New Year's Spread
    • Winter Solstice Spread
    • Summer Solstice Spread
    • Full Moon Spread
  • After our initial introduction, I will focus my webcam on the cards, not on me so you can see each card in your reading.  

  • During the reading, I will ask you questions to help with a deeper dive into the understanding the cards.

  • And if you are wondering.... yes, spirits and psychic information is energy and can flow through the Internet. I don't use any computer software to pick your cards - you will pick the cards once we start our live meeting.

  • I follow the Tarot Card Reader Code of Ethics and everything discussed in your reading is confidential.

  • It is hard to remember everything we talk about as some areas may not make sense for a few weeks or even months. Therefore we relinquish all copyright to your reading so you can record it or take notes. 

  • BTW, I take my readings seriously; they are not party tricks. I am authentic which means if a card has dark energy, I will tell you what the card is indicating. However, all Tarot cards have dark, grey and light energy, and whenever there is dark energy, there is always the opportunity to turn it from dark to light.  

It's that easy. Send me an email

Types of Spreads:

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